AI Manufacturing

Monitoring and predictive modules for factory processes

Client developed an AI project for the parent company of a large multinational corporation in the manufacturing sector: an enterprise-level software architecture that supports users and enables the development of dedicated apps.


Data is the only indicator available for a Plant Manager to control processes. Because of the volume and complexity of data generated by a plant, focusing on a single anomaly goes beyond human capacity.


AI is the most powerful assistant today to support production: it can monitor events, predict and identify anomalies, drive the decision-making process of a Plant Manager.

  1. An Enterprise Architecture
  2. Services are based on a customer-specific architectural design to ensure the highest reliability and data security: a hybrid solution that is deployed both on-premise and in the Cloud.
  3. Supporting Data Scientists
  4. Our architecture enables and facilitates Data Scientists work: data is made easy to access and process; ML algorithms can thus be quickly implemented, evaluated and put into production.
  5. Time-to-market matters
  6. One week is the average effort needed to start monitoring a new plant line thanks to hundreds of services that are available for the Client.