HealthCare Assistant (HCA)

Medical records in Cloud

Client developed a web app for clinical activities management by partnering with a non-profit medical service organization that provide left lip and palate repair surgeries to children and adults worldwide.


The very need of any healthcare professional is to control the risk of patient data loss: typically, clinical data is dispersed, fragmented and unstructured. Hospital ward chiefs in particular seek for a solution to facilitate data collection and organization, sharing (for collaboration purposes) and normalization (for scientific research purposes, to enable comparison with external medical centers and hospitals, and for the improvement of internal protocols).


Our collaborative platform in Cloud is distributed and designed according to efficiency criteria to ensure reusability. The standard features meet major management and operational needs of an hospital ward by following the patient throughout the course of their treatment. The application is accessible from any device. Customized protocols can also be developed per department, incl. workflows, clinical scales and ad-hoc services.

  1. Medical records in Cloud
  2. HCA goes beyond the concept of Digital Health Records by opening the system to IoT technologies, for the processing of data collected from remote devices, and to Business Intelligence, thanks to a choice of tailored-made dashboards that evolve the overall user experience (UX) of healthcare professionals.
  3. Modular and AI-ready
  4. Our application is developed on a software architecture that makes it ready for ML and AI, incl. modules for prediction (Churn-out, Offer Effectiveness, Trends & Seasonality), optimization (Calendar Planning, Inbound Marketing Agent, Warehouse Optmization), recommendation (Quality-check, Survey Recommender, Text Suggestion) and support (Adaptive Interface, Patient Clustering, Root Cause Analyzer).
  5. GDPR compliant
  6. The platform structure follows confidentiality protocols: dataflows and workflows are compliant with the European regulations on data privacy (2016/679) while the entire application is designed according to the de-facto standard guidelines for the description of healthcare resources (FHIR-HL7).

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